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AIM is a complete business solution. It has everything you need to maintain ATF compliance (an integrated A&D book, 4473 form integration and Smartwaiver (Active-e required)) and manage your inventory from receiving to sales. Import products from industry-leading supplier catalogs like RSR Group, Sports South, and Lipseys. AIM also covers the basics, like managing range memberships, lane usage, and customer sales.

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We are very excited to share with you that our software product known as AIMsi will now be called AIM. The name change is a result of a rebranding effort designed to not only shorten the name and modernize the logo, but also alleviate confusion with the pronunciation of AIMsi.

The software has gone through a complete new rewrite with the release of version 12, and we felt the timing was right to modernize not only the look within the software, but also the name and appearance of the logo..

The name is all that has changed, the product remains the same and our company and team remain the same.


FFL POS Software from a company with over 30 years of experience developing software for retail businesses.

POS screen and gunsmith service ticket
  • Electronic A & D Book - Completely integrated ebound book with e4473 integration with your choice of iTouch or FastBound!
  • Complete Point of Sale for Firearms - POS integrated with accounting, inventory management, customer management, and report catalog.
  • Range Management - Manage your range with your specific configurations including number of lanes, lane usage and lane reservation. Use our integration with the Smartwaiver system to manage your range waivers electronically.
  • Class Scheduling & Billing - Manage instructor schedules, group classes and payments, plus offer the flexibility and ease of on-line scheduling.
  • Gunsmithing - Generate estimates for repairs, cleanings etc. Turn estimates into repair tickets. Keep history for serialized items.
  • E-Commerce – Multiple e-commerce channels including GunBroker.
  • Marketing - Tailor your ad and email campaigns based on customer history and sales records. Establish customer loyalty programs.
  • Supplier Catalog - Load supplier product catalogs, send electronic purchase orders, receive electronic invoices and check supplier availability from within AIM.

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AIM stands apart from other solutions by streamlining multiple transaction methods into one customer-friendly experience.

Inventory Management

Contains powerful automated inventory optimization features designed to help reduce inventory cost and increase cash flow and inventory turns.

Customer Management

Maintains a complete history of customers and allows for customized marketing, customer loyalty programs, accounts receivable tracking, and more.

Barcode Labeling

Print customized barcode labels and inventory hang tags for easy accessibility when updating inventory, viewing inventory, and at point of sale.

Report Catalog

The report catalog offers a wealth of reports that can be generated quickly and easily, with a variety of filters and format types for output.

Employee Management

Record hours worked by employees and track vacations, sick days and personal leaves of absence. Establish employee user groups and set security permissions accordingly.

Partners & Associations

We are committed to being apart of the industry and keeping abreast of technology for retailers.

Member of NSSF

2020 Proud Member of NSSF

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Gunbroker is a marketplace of gun enthusiasts dedicated to sharing our affinity for guns.

FastBound Logo

Since 2010, FastBound’s electronic A&D and 4473 has processed hundreds of millions of serial numbers for thousands of FFLs with guaranteed ATF compliance and an attorney-backed legal defense.

SmartWaiver logo


Customized, legally-binding waivers created with Smartwaiver can be completed online or on a waiver kiosk station at a facility's location.



Ditch the filing cabinets. Whether you have a current waiver or start from scratch, you can have an electronic waiver operating in minutes. Customers can sign on a kiosk, on your website or on their own phones.



Our Mission: NASGW SCOPE™ is an industry-owned, distributor-led initiative to collect and analyze data that strengthens shooting sports businesses.

iTouch e4473 technology

iTouch Technology e4473

Background check technology, firing range reservation system, hunting and fishing licenses.

What our clients are saying

About AIM Firearms and Range Software

Greg Wodack

Elite Shooting Sports

"Elite Shooting Sports is the Nation's most advanced indoor shooting range, located in Prince William County, Virginia. Our facility has welcomed 50,000 customers in the first eighteen months of its operation and is averaging 300 new customers a week since opening our doors in November 2014. Having a point-of-sale (POS) system that is reliable and easy to teach to staff has been an important part of running the business during our regular operation hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. seven days a week. This is where Tri-Tech and the AIM software were able to offer a complete and reliable package to meet our demands in addressing the needs of our customers -- from the ability to navigate through a POS touch-screen menu and manage inventory in our retail store to e-commerce solutions and opening an online registration for our training courses using the Tri-Tech's eCommerce component. Along the way, we've continued to stay impressed by the knowledge base of the entire Tri-Tech Technical Support team. We are glad to have made the decision to use AIM and recommend it to others in the firearms industry." read more

Greg Allen

American Sportsman

"Being new to the gun store business I was looking for an organic POS system that could "do it all" at an affordable price. I have researched many applications and found that I either could not afford most packages out there or they just were not complete. I stumbled across AIM and am so glad I did.

Their POS system does everything you could ever want at a price that is within every small business persons' budget. Their monthly technical support is extremely affordable. Tri-Tech's knowledgeable staff has the experience and patience to help you get started and keep things running smoothly. Most of all, the application is very stable and secure.

Simply put, if you are a small business owner you need to buy AIM to run and manage your business. You won't regret it."

At Tri-Tech, we strive to stay on top of developments in both technology and the retail industry to create the best possible products for our customers.

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